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EFAP Stockholm Declaration December 2009

EFAP Stockholm Declaration December 2009
The European Forum for Architectural Policies meeting in Stockholm in December 2009
issued the following declaration and call to Governments at the 15th United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen,
The Forum recognizes the role and responsibility of the built environment in the dangerous
increase of carbon levels in the atmosphere and its contribution to anthropogenic warming
of the world’s climate. The Forum also recognizes the crucial role that the architectural and
allied professions must take in finding solutions to both mitigate and adapt the world’s living
and working environments to global climate change.
The Forum calls upon both European and world governments to agree a treaty in
Copenhagen that will stabilise global carbon emissions by 2050, by:
• requiring the great majority of new buildings constructed across the world to be
carbon neutral in energy use by 2020
• requiring major investment in the conversion the existing building stock, with
the intention that the great majority of existing buildings should be carbon
neutral in use by 2050
• creating an obligation to transfer carbon neutral technologies, knowledge and
skills to developing and emerging economies across the world
• encouraging the development of compact communities, towns and cities that
provide a high quality life for their citizens without destroying their hinterland
through urban sprawl or by draining regional and global resources
• encouraging investment, while energy is still reasonably abundant, in resilient,
self‐sustaining and livable communities and their supporting infrastructure; so
that they can thrive in both an energy constrained and in a warming world,
experiencing increasingly extreme climate conditions
• enabling improvements to the quality of lives of the world’s peoples and their
descendants; and to the built environment where they will live, work and play;
while requiring urgent reductions in the impact of those settlements and
structures on the planet’s limited resources.
The European Forum for Architectural Policies is an informal network, which brings together
Government Administrations, the profession and the cultural institutions in all EU Member
States and at European level. Its objective is to encourage exchanges of views and
experiences on the promotion of architectural policies designed to enhance building urban
and landscape quality, and more generally the quality of the living environment, at both
national and European level.
04 12 09


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