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Дата публикации:
UIA 2014 International Student Competition

This competition provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students from schools of architecture around the world to submit their solutions for short, medium and long-term interventions around the dynamic and complex Warwick Junction site in Durban, South Africa.
The work of shortlisted student teams will be exhibited, and the competition winners announced, at the UIA 2014 Durban Congress in August 2014. Outside of the cash value of the prizes, the prestige of winning this competition, which forms part of the UIA International Congress of Architecture, cannot be overstated.


Instructions for registration and entry procedures.

Download the brief

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Register here before 31 October 2013.

You may have 1-6 members in your team. You only need to fill out the fields for the number of members you have. Please include proof of registration for all team members. All other fields must be filled out. When you submit your registration form, you will be able to proceed directly to online payment, or pay by EFT.

Click here to register your team members

Instructions for Entry
1) Please download and read the full competition brief (pdf). Decide on your team members, and find a supportive faculty member.
2) Fill in and submit the online registration form before 31 October 2013. You can have 1-6 members in your team. Make sure you have proof of registration for each member of your team. This could be a letter from your faculty or a scan of your student card.
3) Pay the registration fee of ZAR500. You can do this online when you have submitted your registration form, or make an EFT payment. Proof of payment by EFT must be emailed to alene.naidoo@uia2014durban.org.
4) Log in to this website to find more information, plans, photographs and other details about the competition. Keep checking in as we will add more information over time.
5) We will email your Team Contact the details of where to upload your pdf entries for the competition. These must be completed and uploaded by 31 March 2014.
6) When entries have closed, the jury will decide on a shortlist of finalists. Your Team Contact will receive an email to notify you whether you have made the shortlist.
7) Competition winners will be announced in a ceremony at the UIA 2014 Durban Congress in August 2014.
If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us.

Proceed directly to Registration

June 2013 - competition announced
June to September 2013 - questions
31 October 2013 - registrations close
31 March 2014 - projects submitted, competition closes
7 April 2014 - adjudication starts
May 2014 - shortlisted teams announced
August 2014 - winners announced at the UIA 2014 Congress in Durban

UIA 2014 International Student Competition. PDF

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