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Archi-World® Academy 2015 - 2017 - III edition



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Члены жюри Archi-World® Academy 2015 - 2017 - III edition
→ Сергей Романов – Россия
Сергей Романов
Профессор в Московском Архитектурном Институте, лауреат международных конкурсов, мастер архитектуры, член союза архитекторов России, Сергей Романов - один из ведущих архитекторов в Москве. Он руководитель 1 мастерской МОСПРОЕКТ-4, которая специализируется на многоэтажном жилье и общественных зданиях. → http://www.pbromanov.ru/

 Sergey Romanov

Jury membersInternational scope

After having 24 international jurors* for the first two editons of AWA we have to pleasure to present to you again 12 world-class practices worldwide. Discover them here:

→ Sergey Romanov – Russia

Professor at the Moscow Architectural Institute, laureate of international competitions, master of architecture, member of the union of architects, and Honorable architect of Russia, Sergey Romanov is one of the most important architects in Moscow. He is the leader of the studio â„–1 GUP MNIIP “Mosprojekt -4”, specialized in multi-story dwelling and public buildings. It is a global project studio with the function of developing design documentation at all blueprint stages. It also works as an architectural supervision for building complexes.

The studio is also involved in designing commercial and entertainment projects, administrative, office buildings, sport and cultural centers.

Amfitheater High Rise Block

Amfitheater High Rise Block

Soviet Wings icehockeystadion

Soviet Wings icehockeystadion

Multifunctional Office & Trade Centre

Multifunctional Office & Trade Centre 


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Стратегический информационный партнер от России - Информагентство СА "АРХИТЕКТОР"


The Architect Information Agency broadly covers Russian and foreign architectural news, the activities of the Unions of Architects. It provides information to the professionals in the field of architecture and adjacent disciplines. Among the constant users of the Agency's information are more than 12 000 members of the Union of Architects of Russia and Moscow and all those who are interested in the problems of architecture and construction.

The Architect Information Agency offers a wide spectrum of services for arranging PR-campaigns in the field of architecture and design using all the advantages of the contemporary multimedia facilities. It also organizes conferences, seminars and other types of events and is active in the creation and support of architectural websites.

Among the latest activities there is the creation of a Studio of Architectural Television where discussions, conferences and other online performances are filmed.


→ www.architektor.ru


Все информационные партнеры см. по ссылке: http://www.awacademy.org/partners.html 




проекты  Проcтранство AIR

IAAM Союз общественных объединений Международная Ассоциация Союзов Архитекторов (СОО МАСА) Архитектурное пространство  Creative Capital Club-Клуб Творческая столица 
Архитектура метро ОАО  Союз архитекторов России  САР Архбюро Сергея Романова 
Архитектурная мастерская В.Логвинова Моспроект-4 Казакова ФОРТУНА 
Международная выставка «ИНДУСТРИЯ КАМНЯ» 

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