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Lecture of Manuel Schupp at the festival "Zodchestvo-2008"


ena – european network architecture – is a group of 8 architectural practices from Germany, which are experienced in the field of planning and execution of extraordinary buildings.

"european network architecture" is an association of eight experienced architectural offices with over one hundred colleagues, internationally connected with engineers and other entrepreneurs in the areas of planning and building. With architectonic quality, economical productivity and competence, ena is responding to international demands in all building assignments.

The office locations of ena are in southwest Germany, with most of them in the region of Stuttgart/Baden-Baden. This region, with the headquarters of Daimler/Chrysler and Porsche, as well as high-technology undertakings such as Bosch, Trumpf and Festo, is one of the few constant growth regions in Western Europe. Architecture "made in Germany" comes from here. That means working with reference to the urban architectural context and in cooperation with local personalities.

Members of ena:

Tankred Eckert
freier Architekt BDA

Hans-Günther Friedrich
freier Architekt BDA

Urban Knapp
freier Architekt BDA/SIA

Lucas Müller
freier Architekt BDA

Manuel Schupp
freier Architekt BDA

Peter Vorbeck
freier Architekt BDA

Jörg Weinbrenner
freier Architekt BDA

Prof. Jens Wittfoht
freier Architekt BDA

Photo by Natalia Vlasova

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