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UIA announces the International Torsanlorenzo Prize 2009


This international prize was created to highlight landscape projects to and promote the quality of urban green spaces and forests. Organised for the seventh time, this annual prize is run for the fifth time with the support of the International Union of Architects (UIA).

Three types of realisations
Completed works submitted for this prize must be presented in one of the following three categories:

• Landscape design in transformation of the territory : environment restoration, renewal and recovery,
• Green urban spaces: squares, neighbourhood green spaces, urban and private parks.
• Private gardens in cities and suburbs.

The prize is open to architects and professionals of landscape planning registered in a professional body in their countries. Projects that already won other prizes are not eligible for the 2009 prize.

There is no registration fee. Registration will be made at the time of submitting the documents that must be handed in or sent to the organisers by post or express courier no later than 6 March 2009. Dispatched entries must reach the organisers by 16 March 2009 at the latest.

The international jury will be composed of professionals appointed by the following organisations:

The International Union of Architects (UIA);
The International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA);
The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA);
The European foundation for Landscape Architecture (EFLA);
The Fédération européenne pour l’architecture du paysage (FEAP);
The National Council of Italian Architects, Planners, Conservators, Landscapists (CNAPPC);
The Council of the National Order of Italian agronomists and Foresters (CONAF);
The Italian Association for Landscape Architecture (AIAPP),
As well as a representative of the editors of the Italian periodical “Torsanlorenzo Informa” and Mario Margheriti, of Torsanlorenzo Gruppo Florovivaistico.

The jury will meet on 27 March 2009.

Kazuo Iwamura, UIA Vice President, will represent the UIA as jury member.

Two prizes will be awarded in each of the three categories; the first prize of 2 500 euro; the second of 1000 euro. The official prize giving ceremony will be held on the 9 May 2009.

Premio Internazionale Torsanlorenzo

проекты  Проcтранство AIR

IAAM Союз общественных объединений Международная Ассоциация Союзов Архитекторов (СОО МАСА) Архитектурное пространство  Creative Capital Club-Клуб Творческая столица 
Архитектура метро ОАО  Союз архитекторов России  САР Архбюро Сергея Романова 
Архитектурная мастерская В.Логвинова ФОРТУНА МОСПРОЕКТ-4 

проекты агентства   Темы


проекты  Объявления


Международный Конгресс «Архитектура-2020»
ВИП-этаж Центра Международной Торговли.

Москва, Краснопресненская набережная 12

(foto©Vasya) Альбом подробнее>>>

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Агентство Архитектор ведет активную работу по программе ТППРФ «Трансформация делового климата» по направлению «Градостроительная деятельность и территориальное планирование». 

 Агентство Архитектор - Ассоциированный член МААМ

Агентство Архитектор - Ассоциированный член МААМ

Публикуем договор от 27 февраля 2013 г. об ассоциированном членстве и аккредитации при Международной Академии Архитектуры, отделение в Москве (IAAM-МААМ, Евразия)


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