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Concert and Congress Centre by Future Systems

Architects Future Systems have been commissioned to design a new concert and congress centre at České Budějovice in the Czech Republic.

The centre is named after Czech composer Antonín Dvořák.

Here’s some info from Future Systems:

Just out side of Prague in the town of Ceske Budejovice a new Concert and Congress Centre has been designed by the Future Systems team headed by Jan Kaplicky. The new centre is named after one of the Czech Republic’s most famous composers Antonin Dvorak, and is to be built on an old military site, showing the Czech commitment to a cultural agenda.

The unique design will be the centrepiece for a new development and will encompass both cultural and commercial spaces. The cultural space and grand entrance is a wonderfully light and open space constituted from restaurant areas, café lounges, dancing floors and the music halls.

The two concert halls, seating a 1000 people in the philharmonic music hall and 400 in the chamber music hall, are of a completely new breed in architecture. For the first time in musical design a large and elegant rear window behind the musicians will be carved out to allow for spectacular views in to the park behind the building. Each hall is formed of sensual free form curves that manage to combine aesthetic beauty with outstanding acoustic quality that is only enhanced by the ‘eye’ window concept.

As the home of the Ceske Budejovice philharmonic orchestra the design will achieve an exquisite blend between and culture and music with the utmost sensitivity and understanding of every user and does so while maintaining a thrilling narrative, as is true of all one off Future Systems projects.


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