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Welcome to the sixth edition of ACE Info in 2009 in which you will be able to read about the developments that affect the built environment and the architectural profession as they are occurring across the EU. This edition is also available in French. CORE ISSUES Energy Efficiency in Buildings Takes Lead as main Priority Commission and Industry to Invest €3.2bn in Economic Recovery Plan As part of the European Economic Recovery Plan, the European Commission intends to oversee the investment of €3.2bn in three large scale Public Private Partnerships over the period 2010-2013 in order to develop new technologies in manufacturing, construction and the automotive sectors. On the 30th July last, the European Commission launched the first round of calls for these public private partnerships in research in thee three key areas including construction. In the first round, €268 million will be released and must be matched by an equivalent sum from industry. In the construction sector, research will be concentrated on more energy-efficient buildings, greening of existing buildings, development of new
materials and new construction technologies. Taken together with the ongoing work on the European Energy Package that includes the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (see below) and moves to make
energy efficiency targets binding (see below), this is an important initiative that will bring great opportunities for all those involved in construction, including architects. To consult the first call, go to:
Source: Bulletin Quotidien Europe No. 9952 Recast of Energy Performance Directive Proving Difficult for Swedish Presidency As reported in ACE Info 47, the Swedish Presidency has placed a high priority on seeing that the recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is adopted before the major global conference on climate change, due to take place in Copenhagen in December 2009. However, the task is proving to
be very difficult, as a number of Member States have expressed their concerns about the recast, particularly in relation to the very ambitious amendments adopted by the European Parliament in April last. In fact, it seems that the list of concerns grows longer with each new meeting of the Council Working Party on Energy and, at its meeting on the 7th July last, many Member States said that they found the amendments adopted by the European Parliament to be overly ambitious and even unrealistic. It seems that the Swedish Presidency is ready to consider the unusual step of starting tri-partite negotiations between the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council, even before the Council has reached a Common Position in its First Reading. This is because it is the only possible way to get the EPBD adopted in time before the Copenhagen Summit.
ACE-CAE  Rue Paul Emile Janson 29, B-1000 Bruxelles  T: +32 2 543 11 40  F: +32 2 543 11 41  W:
The ACE has recently fully analysed the various amendments being proposed by the Commission and the European Parliament and it has prepared a detailed position paper on the subject to assist its Member Organisations in their lobbying efforts with the Council Working Party. The ACE is highly supportive of an effective recast if it will have the effect of rapidly accelerating the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings, especially in existing buildings. To read more, go to:
BUILD UP – the European Portal for Energy Efficiency in Buildings The European Commission has launched a portal website in order to provide a new environment for building professionals, local authorities and building occupants who are willing to share their experience on how to cut energy consumption in buildings. A major strength of the website is its diversity as it will promote the exchange of all the best practices, tools and technologies that are available across Europe for an effective implementation of energy saving measures in buildings. The ACE is a supporting partner of the BUILD UP initiative and it has invited the European Commission to present this important initiative during its Seminar that is being held on the 24th September as part of the save it! energy efficiency days of the European Economic and Social Committee (see below). All readers of ACE Info are encouraged to sign up to the BUILD UP portal by logging on at:
Open Thematic Workshop on Energy Efficiency of Buildings The ACE, with the support of the Order of Architects of Romania (OAR), is organising an Open Thematic Workshop on the topic of Energy Efficiency of Buildings – Holistic approaches and Architectural Solutions. The event will take place in Sibiu from the 22nd to the 24th October next. The prime objective will be to take stock of the current situation across the EU, presenting high quality
projects that are addressing the challenges that we are facing as a result of climate change. It is expected that there will be several external speakers and participants joining the delegates from the ACE and that a vision for the future will be devised, in particular in respect of the existing building stock, the main challenge for the coming decades. Furthermore a strong statement from the architectural profession will be prepared for delivery to the Copenhagen Conference on climate change in December 2009. For more information about this event, please contact the Secretariat of the ACE by e-mail:
Irish Member Organisation makes CPD Mandatory The ACE supports the notion that the education and training of architects is a life-long mission and its Member Organisations signed a Charter in 2001 that committed them to introducing structured systems of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for their members before 2010. The ACE Work Group on Education has been mandated by the Executive Board to carry out a study of the
extent to which the commitments made in the Charter have been met. In this context, the ACE notes that its Irish Member Organisation, the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI), will be making CPD mandatory for all of its members and all registrants on the register of architects, from the 1st October 2009. From that date onwards, all such architects will be required to take at least 40 hours of CPD per year and the RIAI will be verifying that they do so. In order to facilitate this new requirement, the RIAI has developed a sophisticated online system for its members that will allow them to autonomously fulfil the new requirements from the comfort of their desktop!
New Architects Law Adopted in Portugal The ACE has learnt from its Portuguese Member Organisations, the Ordem dos Arquitectos, that after long and difficult negotiations, a new law regulating the activities of architects in Portugal has been agreed and adopted and its provisions will enter into force on the 1st November 2009. Of importance is that the new law represents the outcome of negotiations between the architectural and engineering
professions and that it recognises architecture as a proper act of the architect that has direct public interest consequences. ACE-CAE  Rue Paul Emile Janson 29, B-1000 Bruxelles  T: +32 2 543 11 40  F: +32 2 543 11 41  W: 

ACE Seminar on Sustainability and Architecture – 24th September, Brussels The ACE is currently organising a half-day seminar on the topic of Sustainability and Architecture in cooperation with the European Economic and Social Committee in the context of the save it! EESC energy efficiency days 2009. The event will culminate in the launch of the printed version of the ACE Declaration and Policy on Architecture and Sustainability, the final version of which was formally adopted at the Spring General Assembly. The objective of the seminar is to showcase the work of the ACE in relation to this important topic alongside presentations of built projects that clearly demonstrate that sustainable architecture is already with us. Registration opened at the end of August (although places are limited) and further information can be requested from the ACE ( or by
visiting the save it! website:
The ACE at External Events The ACE is frequently represented by its President, Members of its Executive Board, Chairmen of Work Groups and/or the Secretariat at external events and conferences. These activities often go
unnoticed, but are very important to the pursuit of the policies of the ACE. Readers who wish to know more about these activities can access the reports, prepared after the events, in the calendar of external representations maintained on the website of the ACE at the following address:
ACE Events and Meetings in September and October 2009: Meeting of the ACE Work Group on Health & Safety – Brussels – 11th September
Meeting of the ACE Work Group Insurance – London – 17th September General Coordination Meeting – Brussels – 25th September Meeting of the CEO’s and Correspondents – Brussels – 1st October
Meeting of the ACE Finance Committee – Brussels – 2nd October Fifth Meeting of the Executive Board in 2009 – Brussels – 2nd and 3rd October Open Thematic Workshop on Energy Efficiency of Buildings – Sibiu (RO) – 22nd to 24th October OTHER MATTERS
Review of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy On the 24th July last, the European Commission adopted a report on its review of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) that is addressed to the European Council in order for it to review priorities and to provide orientations for the future of the SDS, when it next considers the issue at the EU Leaders Summit in December. Following adoption of the report, Commission President, José Manuel Barroso said “We have made solid progress over the last three years … the economic crisis creates a unique opportunity to create a new sustainable economy through smart green growth.” The
report is generally positive about the way in which the EU has integrated sustainable development into many of its policies, in particular in the fight against climate change and its promotion of a low-carbon economy. The ACE is taking a particular interest in this review as it wishes to see the greater inclusion of the built environment in the SDS, a wish that is also shared by the European Forum for Architectural Policies (EFAP), which has included it as part of its roadmap 2009-2010. Given that about 80% of the population of the EU live and work in urbanised areas, the inclusion of the built environment and the challenges presented to make our existing urban areas truly sustainable is essential. To read the Commission Review, go to:
Source: The EUKN website (
Chairpersons of Parliamentary Committees Chosen In the period after the European Elections and before the summer break, the European Parliament decided on who would take up key roles in the Parliament and in its Committees. There are a number of these posts that are key to the quality of contact that the ACE will have during the life of the Parliament and so it was with satisfaction that the ACE noted the election of Jerzy Buzek of Poland as President of the Parliament who has shown interest in the past for architecture. The ACE was also pleased to note that the following have been appointed as Chairpersons: Jo Leinen (S&D, DE) for
Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, Malcolm Harbour (ECR, UK) for Internal Market and Consumer Affairs and Danuta Hübner (EPP, PL) for Regional Development. In the past, these have been some of the main Parliamentary Committees with which the ACE has interacted. The decision on which Inter-Groups will be set up is expected in the near future and ACE Info will report on that ACE-CAE  Rue Paul Emile Janson 29, B-1000 Bruxelles  T: +32 2 543 11 40  F: +32 2 543 11 41  W:
decision in due course. In particular the ACE is keen to see the Inter-Group Urban.Logement pursued. To see a full list in all Parliamentary Committees, go to:
A European funded project, this website is an online database of repositories in architecture. The objective of the project is to connect various repositories of architectural knowledge and enrich their contents with metadata. The result is a unique service for searching and browsing architectural contents, for instance, by conceptual connection, geography or language. Of interest to researchers, students and all practising architects, you are urged to consider consulting this valuable resource at:
European Investment Bank (EIB) Supports Sustainable Development Projects In a series of announcements in June of this year, the EIB has released information on a number of schemes that it is supporting across the EU. These are principally in urban regeneration and energy efficiency works to buildings. The first announcement referred to a protocol that it has signed with France to fund urban renovation projects across France. The total to be provided by the EIB is €600 million. This was followed by an announcement that it is funding sustainable urban development in Lithuania to the tune of €227 million. Finally, on the 16th June the EIB announced funding of a total of €250 million for energy efficiency projects in Finland, Poland and Sweden. These projects relate to the implementation of large-scale power generation and distribution. Source: Bulletin Quotidien Europe No. 9917 and 9922
Energy Efficiency Targets may become Binding Readers of ACE Info will be aware of the EU 2020 targets to increase the share of renewables in the EU to 20%, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% on 1990 level and increase energy efficiency by 20%. However, readers may not be aware that only the first two of these targets are binding on Member States despite the fact that it is in energy efficiency measures that the EU could make the
most progress with the least effort. As the EU prepares for the Copenhagen Summit in December, it seems that there is growing support for the idea that the Energy Efficiency target should also become binding. There is concern that if the target is made binding, it will be difficult to devise instruments to deliver the savings and to devise the means to equitably measure energy improvements in different States.
This change in mood comes at a time when the Commission is preparing the revision of its Energy Efficiency Action Plan and it is already clear that the Commission intends to set an ambitious target for
energy renovations to existing buildings so as to boost the energy efficiency of buildings dramatically. A figure of 20 million renovations by 2020 has been mentioned by the Swedish Presidency and the ACE has suggested a target of 30 million over and above the “business as usual” scenario in a submission to the Commission worked out in consultation with other actors and experts in the field. Source: Bulletin Quotidien Europe No. 9948 and Energy Efficiency Watch (EEW) Report Published On the 13th July last, the EEW Report on the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans was published. The EEW is coordinated by the European Forum on Renewable Energies (EUROFORES) and is backed by several prominent Members of the European Parliament. Directive 2006/32/EC on Energy End-Use Efficiency and Energy Services, which aims at enhancing the cost-effective improvement of energy services and end-use efficiency requires Member States to prepare and regularly review national action plans on energy efficiency. The EEW undertook a detailed review of 12 of the 27
submitted plans and it concludes that there s a strong need for a standardised format for these plans in the future that would allow real comparability between countries as to the measures that they are
adopting. Such a move would be consistent with the fact that the Commission adopted a decision on the 30th June in relation to the requirement under the renewable energy directive (2009/28/EC) that Member States submit action plans for how they intend to reach the specific targets set for each of them. This decision effectively standardised the way that the Action plans are presented so as to permit comparability across borders. To download the EEW report, go to:
Source: Bulletin Quotidien Europe No. 9932 and 9943 European Reference Framework for the Implementation of the Leipzig Charter – National Support Groups As previously reported (see ACE Info #45 and #47) at the time of the adoption of a Statement on Urban Development in November 2008 in Marseilles the EU Ministers in charge of these matters ACE-CAE  Rue Paul Emile Janson 29, B-1000 Bruxelles  T: +32 2 543 11 40  F: +32 2 543 11 41  W:

decided to launch work towards devising a European Reference Framework for the Implementation of the Leipzig Charter for Sustainable European Cities. Two Working Groups have now been
established for this purpose, one Member States/Institutions (MS/I) Group, managed by the French MEDDAAT (Ministry in charge of Sustainable Development) and one Cities Group, operated under the
URBACT Programme, with the City of Leipzig as the Lead Partner. The first of these groups is expected to deliver a proposal for adoption during the Spanish Presidency, i.e. before June 2010 and
in this context a unique opportunity exists for all interested stakeholders, in particular professional associations, to become involved and make input notably through the support groups that have been
put in place at national level. For further information on how you and your organisation can get actively involved, go to:
New Director of Administration Appointed at the UIA The International Union of Architects (UIA), whose Secretariat is based in Paris, recently announced the appointment of Nicolas Jelansky as it new Director of Administration. He comes to the post after many years of work in the theatre industry and replaces Francine Troupillon who had been Director of Administration at the UIA for 42 years. Further information on the activities of the UIA can be found at:
Source: UIA Presidential Letter
TowardsNET-ZERO Conference London – 20th November 2009 TowardsNET-ZERO is a global conference series and forum whose objective is to accelerate the transition to low and zero energy and carbon neutral buildings. Its objective is to provide major corporate and public sector real estate owners, developers and occupiers with the unique and critical insights they require to mitigate the risks and identify the opportunities of the transition towards low and zero energy buildings, representing a profound shift in the way in which buildings are designed, built and operated. The London event is the first event in the series and it will focus on evolving policy
frameworks, design and engineering innovations and economic and market factors which are accelerating the shift to low energy buildings. Comprising over 25 case study presentations, policy analysis and interactive sessions TowardsNET-ZERO London will be an inspirational start to the world series of conferences. The ACE is one of many supporting partners of this event and you can learn more about the initiative
Energie-Cites Becomes an Official Supporting Structure of the Covenant of Mayors Following an agreement signed between the President of Energie-Cites, Eckart Würzner and the European Commission, Energie-Cites has undertaken to support its members as they join the Covenant of Mayors and take local measures aimed at guaranteeing a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions in their territories. It is reported that over 65 Energie-Cites town and city members are already involved in the Covenant of Mayors and it runs the Secretariat of the Covenant of Mayors. For more information, go to:
Source: Energie-Cites Press Release, 23rd July
The Copenhagen World Catalogue of City Commitments to Combat Climate Change As the host city for the major global conference on Climate Change, Copenhagen launched, in February 2009, an online catalogue in which all communities across the globe that are committed to combat climate change can share their actions and targets. The idea is that by displaying the very high number of such actions, national governments will be encouraged to see that achieving the targets to be set will not be so difficult given the actions already underway. In order to learn more, go to:
SLUM(e)SCAPE: A Challenge for Sustainable Development Projects Edited by Francesca De Filppi, this publication is a collection of the presentations that were made
during the UIA World Congress in Turin in 2008. To pre-order your copy, write to
including the necessary information for an invoice to be issued.
ACE-CAE  Rue Paul Emile Janson 29, B-1000 Bruxelles  T: +32 2 543 11 40  F: +32 2 543 11 41  W:
ACE Info # 39 – page 6
Roger Anger: Research on Beauty – Architecture 1953-2008
Written by Anupama Kundoo, this retrospective on the work of French Architect, Roger Anger, explores his search for beauty in his plastic, sculptural work. The text that accompanies the
illustrations in the book is in English and French. For more information, go to:
Alan Colquhoun: Collected Essays in Architectural Criticism
With an introduction by Kenneth Frampton, this new publication by Black Dog Publishing brings together into one volume all of the most influential essays of the renowned UK critic, Alan Colquhoun.
It is richly illustrated and can be ordered at:


10th REHVA World Congress: Sustainable Energy Use in Buildings
The organisers of the 10th REHVA World Congress, to be held in Turkey in May 2010, have issued a call for papers with a deadline for the submission of abstracts set at the 30th September 2009. There
are particular rules about the format of the abstracts and a limited set of topics under which papers can be submitted. These include topics such as Architectural design integration, Energy performance
of buildings, High performance and green buildings and are clearly of potential interest to architects. For full information on the call, go to:
World Sustainable Energy Days 2010
The organisers of the World Sustainable Energy Days 2010, which will be held in Wiels, Austria in March 2010, have announced a Call for Papers with a deadline for the submission of abstracts set on
the 1st October 2009. These Days see a combination of several events that all have relevance to sustainable energy approaches. Full details of the call for papers can be found at:
EUROINFRA 2009 – Symposium 2: Low-Energy Building Concepts
This event will be held in Helsinki, Finland on the 14th and 15th October and will discuss the challenge that faces professionals on how to create and implement low-energy concepts for new buildings and
energy efficient renovation concepts. Full details can be found at:
Energy and Innovation in Historic Houses
Organised by European Historic Houses this half-day event will take place in Brussels on the 16th October 2009. It will exam the provisions of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and will
examine techniques for energy efficiency renovations of historic houses. For more information, go to: 

Low Carbon Cities To be held in Porto, Portugal from the 18th to the 22nd October, this is the 45th ISOCARP International Planning Congress and it will focus on the environmental effects of man’s activities in the context of
the world’s expanding cities and city regions. Full details can be found at:
b_free Trade Fair and Congress
This event on the subject of barrier-free building, living and design for all will take place in Augsburg, Germany from the 19th to 21st November 2009. Full details can be found at:
UIA Congress 2011
ACE-CAE  Rue Paul Emile Janson 29, B-1000 Bruxelles  T: +32 2 543 11 40  F: +32 2 543 11 41  W:

An important date for your diary is the next UIA Congress that will take place in Tokyo, Japan from the 25th to the 29th September 2011. The main theme of the event will be Design 2050 and it will be
approached from three key themes: Environment; Life; Survival. More information can be accessed at:
Listing of events relating to Urban Issues The European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN) maintains a very good listing of events that relate to urban issues on its website, many of which are interest to architects. It can be accessed at:
urbanSHED International Design Competition
With a deadline for the submission of Stage 1 entries set at the 2nd October 2009, this competition is being promoted by, among others, the New York City Buildings Department, New York City Department of Transport, New York City Department of City Planning and the New York City Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. It relates to the design of temporary scaffolding structures that are extensively used in the streets of New York and is a challenging brief. Full details can be found at:
2010 European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage – Europa Nostra Awards Each year, Europa Nostra and the European Union reward the best of cultural heritage achievements.
The awards celebrate exemplary restorations and initiatives of the many facets of Europe’s cultural heritage in categories ranging from the restoration of monuments and buildings, their adaptation to
new uses, to urban and rural landscape rehabilitation, archaeological site interpretations, and care for art collections. The call for nominations for the 2010 prize has just been announced and the deadline
for submissions is set at the 1st October 2009. Full details can be found at:
UIA Competition for Image Models of 20th Century Architectural Heritage
The International Union of Architects has announced a competition that seeks to gather digital representations of landmark 20th Century buildings. It is organised together with the French Ministry of
Culture and Communication and is targeted at students of architecture. Full details can be found at:
Selection of Useful and interesting links:
European Commission homepage
Search page for Commission documents
The Barroso Commission:
The European Parliament Homepage:
Website of the Swedish Presidency (Jul09 to Dec09)
Website of the Czech Presidency (Jan09 to Jun09)
ACE-CAE  Rue Paul Emile Janson 29, B-1000 Bruxelles  T: +32 2 543 11 40  F: +32 2 543 11 41  W:
ACE Info # 39 – page 8
European Forum for Architectural Policies
EU Video Website:
URBACT Hous-Es Network website:
Sustainable building website
Collegi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC) international relations database:
Consiglio Nazionale degli Architetti, Pianificatori, Paesaggisti e Conservatori (CNAPPC) database -
Website of the European Construction Technology Platform:
Website of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPED) Platform:
ArchiEuropa website – comparative information on practice of architecture:
Archi-Student website – a wealth of information on schools and students of architecture in Europe:
Link to the Newsletter of the International Union of Architects (UIA):
Passive and Downdraught Cooling in Buildings – The website of an EU-funded project that shows the way towards a pragmatic alternative to conventional air conditioning in buildings:
Database of Digital Architecture – A new, subscription based website that contains several sections including one that provides images of the works of the great masters of architect and videos of talks by
famous architects has been set up. For full information go to:
Interactive Database for Architects – Launched in March 2008, this site provides an opportunity for all architectural practices to become globally recognised. Check it out at:
ACE Website:
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The editorial board for the compilation of ACE Info is:
The ACE President: Juhani Katainen
Board Member Responsible for Communication: Serban Tiganas
The Secretary General of the ACE: Alain Sagne
Senior Adviser to the ACE: Adrian Joyce
ACE Info is issued on a regular basis, with about ten editions per year. You are free to circulate the document as widely as you wish, to translate its contents for use in your publications and to refer to the information it contains once you credit the ACE as the origin. If you wish to receive ACE Info regularly and you are not on the mailing list, you can register online at:
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