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XXIII UIA World Congress of Architecture

XXIII UIA World Congress of Architecture which main topic was 

"Architecture as reproduction of symbols, messages and values in information society" came to its end.

Meetings of architects-professionals and young architects – representatives from 116 countries-members of UIA – took place in one of the largest cities of modern Italy – Torino from June 29 to July 3, 2008. They arrived to the Congress to discuss together key problems declared by its topic. Discussions, lectures of masters, exhibitions, festivals, visits of new objects gave participants possibilities for dialogue, personal contacts, broadening of professional outlook.

Adoption and promulgation of the final document that determined priorities and general trend in joint development of architecture for the nearest period became the result of the Congress.


The Manifesto of 2008 World Congress of Architecture UIA Torino 2008

On the solemn ceremony of rewarding the best professionals were entrusted the gold medals and the rewards MSA; the winners of student competition also obtained rewards and diplomas. All three days of Congress were dedicated to discussion of a concrete aspect of the main topic: June 30 - “Past and Culture”, July 1 - “Present and Democracy”, June 3 – “Future and hopes”. The Congress took place in the huge complex “Lingotto” - former housings of the main factory of Concern “Fiat” built in 1917 - 1920 and recently converted by architect Rentso Piano into a modern multifunctional center. Union of Architects of Russia, Union of Moscow Architects, Youth Organization of UMA, News Agency of UMA “Architect” presented multimedia exposition at the Congress. This exposition made it possible, to see not only the works of well-known Russian design institutes and workshops. All participants of the Congress could load their projects into information space of the new architectural portal ArchInfo.Ru.

Many participants, including prominent architects, leaders of professional and creative associations, scientists and patricians visited the stand of Russia.


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