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Jurmala Hotel Architecture Competition

 This is an open international design ideas competition to find the best design solution for a music-themed upscale hotel in Jurmala, Latvia. The resort city, located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, is well known for its musical heritage, and the hotel shall express elements related to music in its design concept.

The history of Jurmala has long been tied together with the musical character of the Baltic Sea – the sound of waves crashing on the beach, the whistling of old pine trees in the wind, the shrieking seagulls in the sky, the shifting sand under your feet, and even the distant chime of the leaving train – all of this and more creates a whole symphony in the memories of everyone who has ever been here.

Thanks to this naturally musical setting, Jurmala has become a centre for concerts and other musical life of Latvia, and a place where composers, poets and singers come to find inspiration. Building on this theme, the concept of the new hotel will also be rooted in the world of music.

From the moment of entering the hotel, guests will be immersed into the world of music and its history, styles and music-related personalities, and this journey through music and its architectural language will continue all throughout the hotel, starting from the lobby and ending with the kitchen.

Competition schedule:

Official announcement for competition: 24.08.11

Participant registration: 26.08.11 - 10.10.11

Questions/inquiries: 26.08.11 - 10.10.11

Deadline for entry submission: 15.10.11

Selection and declaration of awards: 16.10.11 - 19.10.11

Award ceremony for selected works: 19.10.11


Register for the competition on the official website:

Questions and enquiries can be made by e−mail: 


Janis Dripe - architect, Riga, Latvia

Svetlana Jegorova - customer’s representative, Riga, Latvia

Tina Saaby Madsen - architect, Copenhagen, Denmark (to be confirmed)

Dace Putnina - architect, Riga, Latvia

Janis Alksnis - architect, Jurmala, Latvia

Endrik Mand - architect, Tallinn, Estonia

Prizes and awards:

- One first place award, with the prize money of 10,000 €

- Two second place awards, with the prize money of 5,000 € each

- Three third place awards, with the prize money of 2,500 € each




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