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A new district of Volgodrad city will be situated on the territory of a former cargo river port. It is planned to build an administrative-office district within the boundaries of Voroshilovsky district (Kalinina, Irkutskaya, Pugachevskaya streets and Volga embankment) that will become a symbol of modern Volgograd.

Information Agency "Architect" is accepting applications for participation in an open selection round for teams (general purpose architectural companies) that will participate in a competition for complex development of the named territory. The competition is held by a land owner, MAN company, with support from Committee of town building and architecture of Volgograd.

Main goals of the competition for complex development of the territory

- to form a new look of the district (you can even propose a symbol, a coat of arms, a slogan) which will become a brand and define an image of modern Volgograd and its strategy of urban development;
- to find the best spatial and architecture-planning solutions that combine high functionality, economic and energy efficiency;
- to propose a solution for a main transport artery along the river bank as a system of multifunctional connections (a city highway, a promenade, bicycle lanes, parkings etc.);
- to work out principles for creating a harmonious city environment that could balance different functions: a business-administrative district, living zones, hotels, apartments and embankment with tourist and recreation functions;

To take part in a selection round of a closed competition you need to:
Submit your application using this link:

You must specify a person who will represent your team in a selection round (first name, last name, middle name (if exists), city and mobile phone, website, e-mail for notifications and invitations).

Participants can be general purpose architectural bureaus having all necessary specialists to work on complex territory development. Applicants need to correctly fill the registration form not missing any fields. Application documents are full information on authors and proof of company`s staffing with needed personnel. It is required to declare main project authors, provide a portfolio of the company and of respective team members, fill the questionnaire. Information and documents. Details >>

After uploading the listed documents to the website participants will receive an official message about positive of negative decision. Representatives of selected companies will be invited to the experts council. They must bring or send all listed information and documents to the council (see below).

Russian competitors will be invited personally, foreign competitors - through Skype.
Skype: Agency_architektor

At the council, every competitor has no more than 10 minutes to present his works and answer questions. Company representative presents his team and makes a presentation up to 20 slides of their town planning, spatial solutions and realized projects.

The round of selection will take place in Moscow in early February. Participants of the closed competition will be assigned at the experts council. The council will be consisted of client representatives, members of Union of Architects, leading architects and consulting experts.

Only companies who passed the selection round will participate in closed competition. Time frame for a closed competition will be announced no more than a week after the selection round.

An agreement will be signed with selected companies on total sum of 1 000 000 rub. including VAT. For sigining the agreement participants will be invited to Volgograd (tickets and residences at the expense of the client), where they will get to know the territory. Then there will be 2 months for project work after the advance payment.

Consulting, informational and multimedia support of the competition

Information Agency "Architect": 
tel. +7 (499) 409-88-61;
skype: Agency_architektor


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