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“Zodchestvo 2008” Festival

Russian National Premium in the Field of Architecture - “The Crystal Daedalus”

The “Zodchestvo” architectural festivals arranged by the Union of Architects of Russia are events of national scale. They open a unique possibility for getting an overview on the contemporary state of architecture and town planning in this country.

The theme declared in the motto of the Festival “Zodchestvo-2008” raises a question on the development concept for Russian historical cities.

How can we preserve our architectural heritage, the originality of historical cities, valuable historical layout and while inserting contemporary innovative architecture into historical spaces keep the cities as living organisms and create a comfort environment? How to draw up the relationships between architects and authorities in this situation and how to coordinate them with public needs? Those and other relevant problems of modern architecture and town planning will be discussed during our traditional open forum – the Festival “Zodchestvo-2008”.

 At the Festival it will be possible to get acquainted with the progress in this field of many Russian regions and cities, as well as with the foreign experience of world historical towns, works by Russian and foreign architects, designers, project, industrial and engineering companies and firms, architectural bureaus and studios, students of architectural and art high schools.

The Festival Programme envisages nine thematic competitions, exhibitions of foreign architecture, as well as contemporary construction materials and technologies. There will be Days specially dedicated to some regions and cities, creative discussions, round tables, lectures and master-classes of prominent Russian and foreign architects.

The delivery of the main prize – the Russian national premium in the field of architecture – “The Crystal Daedalus” will be a culmination of the Festival.

We invite home and foreign architects, designers, construction engineers to take part in the annual architectural Festival in Moscow.

The Festival is established by the Union of Architects of Russia.

The Festival is held with the support of:

The Russian Federation Presidential Executive Office, The Council of Federation and The State Duma of the RF Federal Assembly, The RF Ministry of Regional Development, The Federal Culture and Cinematography Agency, The Moscow Government, The Government of the Moscow Region, The International Academy of Architecture, The Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences

Festival Direction
Russia, 123001, Moscow,
Granatni per. 7, office 48,
Tel/Fax: + (7-495)-290-3880, + (7-495)-290-6213.

The Union of Architects of Russia
123001, Moscow, Granatni per., 12
International Department:
Tel/Fax: +7-495-291-1834,

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