Sergey Romanov, head of the studio No. 1 of the MNIIP Mosproject-4, professor of MArchI, Ph.D on Architecture, Russia Honored Architect





Information on architecture is possibly presented in the I-net rather fully but not systematically. Its often difficult to reach the necessary site. There is no accurate structure, which could facilitate the task of searching one or another planner. An Internet-project with a strict system-defined structure would mobilize a lot of Russian architects. After all, a shortage of time thats the main cause of our conservatism about the Internet.

I understand how many efforts and time is necessary for making a web-site, because in spite of the technological progress the number of professional specialists in this field is not enough. Hence, they are always called for and overworked. I am sure that among the architects there are a lot of those who want to create their own web-site. So, the new Internet-portal is interesting both: for a possibility to get acquainted with the colleagues creative works and in view of a possibility to create your own virtual portfolio.

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