Lublin International Airport by Are

Warsaw-based architects Are have designed a new terminal building for Lublin International Airport in Poland. The airport extension and renovation was designed in collaboration with Sener Ingenieria y Sistemas in Poland and Spain, and Polconsult. The project is due for construction in 2012. The following is from Are:

Competition for the renovation of the Lublin International Airport in Poland - First prize.


These days airports have become the showcase for a city or region, emerged as gates to local realities. Dynamism and frankness of Lublin region were the issues to express during the design process. We gained inspiration from aero-dynamic solutions for airplanes and disposition of air currents on the competition site. These were taken under consideration during the design process and emerged as an elegant pillow-like structure. We placed the first phase of airport buildings along the planned runway lane to create a stripe of buildings. On the perpendicular axis of the stripe we placed a central component of the design - Terminal building. The railway station, connecting the terminal with the city, was designed as a part of the terminal itself with the access situated on the extension of the lateral axis. Such an arrangement provided a logical division of circulation around the terminal to the arrival and departure zones with the railway placed in between. It also allowed distribution of all required functions on a single level. Parallel situation of buildings and the runway allows the future expansion of the terminal and the airport itself. Road access to the Terminal is provided with two one-way road junctions serving separately the arrival and departure zones. The main high capacity building is the terminal building. It was designed as a three-wing hall containing both functional zones: the airside zone, enclosing luggage sorting plant, waiting rooms and luggage claim hall with all accompanying rooms as well as the landside zone enclosing check-ins, railway station and commercial facilities like airline offices and gastronomy etc. Sizes and parameters for the Terminal were assumed in accordance with IATA guidelines and counted for the capacity of 1 million passengers for the first stage and 3,2 million passengers terminally.

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