Church by Beton


Polish designers Beton have sent us some photos of their nearly completed, shingle-clad church in a small village overlooking the Vistula.


The church has just one window and is otherwise made entirely of wood.


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Heres some info from Beton:


A small, wooden church built on a high bank of Vistula River, in a small village of Tarnów, by a private investor (which is quite uncommon in Poland). The church serves as a place of meditation and prayer for the local community. It is constructed entirely of wood, with no windows except for one glass wall, which serves as a background for the altar.


Inside, you can find your peace by looking through the wall at the river and the distant horizon. The steep, wooden roof transforms unnoticeably into the side walls (made of the same material). Everything tries to find its balance between being delicate and really strong.


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