RC office complex, mumbai by chris lee and kapil gupta of serie architects
all images courtesy serie architects

The ongoing transformation of kurla in north mumbai, india is characterized by the relentless
proliferation of new office blocks, where the typical 5-6 storey blocks adopts the exclusive
corporate lobbies as a strategy to import the image of the cbd into this former small industrial

Chris lee and kapil gupta of UK serie architects seek to resist this tendency with their project
to create a clear separation between the public and the existing city and the projected
and exclusive corporate entity. their proposal begins with the rethinking of
the lobby and atrium of typical office blocks.

The rc office can be seen as a single office block, sliced open into 2 smaller blocks
but brought back together by a public void. the main atrium and lobby space as the new
public void is conceived as a series of rotating volumes articulated by ruled surfaces.
at each different rotation, the atrium and lobbies takes on a different programmatic role.

Starting from the ground, the typically excusive corporate lobby is transformed into
a public promenade, connecting lbs road on the west side of the site to the existing lake
on the north.

As the atrium rotates upwards, it dispenses other public program along its ruled surface:
cafes, gym, roof decks and lounges.

The rotational atrium also acts as a light catcher, drawing light along its rotation,
illuminating the ruled surface and reflecting light into the heart of the building.         

model of rc complex

model of rc complex

model of rc complex

model of rc complex



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