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Lace Apartments by Ofis Arhitekti
It is not very easy to do something of 16×48 waffle. Slovenian architects Ofis have completed an apartment block in the centre of Nova Gorica, Slovenia.
Soundhouse by Careyjones
Careyjones architects and Jefferson Sheard Architects have completed Soundhouse, a rubber-clad music studio designed for the University of Sheffield. “The overall aesthetic of the black rubber quilt is intended as a literal translation of the need to acoustically contain the building’s use,” explains Mike Harris of Careyjones. The three-storey building is covered with four 14 x 8 m rubber sheets, each weighing half a ton
Wooden house by Ondrej and Josef Chybik
Czech architects Ondrej and Josef Chybik have won a competition to design a low-energy timber house.
Concert and Congress Centre by Future Systems
Architects Future Systems have been commissioned to design a new concert and congress centre in the Czech Republic.
Крошечные дома
Очень часто говорят, что чем больше дом – тем значительнее финансовое состояние его владельца.С 1970 года количество больших домов постоянно увеличивалось, но в последнее время наметилась противоположная тенденция.
Crumple Zone in Monaco
Monaco House embraces the clichés one might expect from that small European principality. Despite the novelty of its architecture, racing cars, luxury yachts and a certain movie-star quality all play a role in its appeal.
Banknote, by RA Studija
What fascinates me is that the iconographic screen (the building) is flat and that the source image (the banknote) is flat too. The translation from the source image onto the building is incredibly simple: scale, fold: done.
Norwegian Embassy in Kathmandu by Kristin Jarmund Architects
Norwegian architectural firm Kristin Jarmund Architects have completed a new building for the Norwegian Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal. The 800 meter-squared building has a panoramic zig-zag window in the first-floor facade.
Seu University of La Nucia by CrystalZoo
Young Spanish architects CrystalZoo have designed an extension to the Seu University of La Nucia, an external site of the University of Alicante in La Nucia, Spain. The two-storey extension wraps around one wing of the existing college building and includes a new reception area and cafeteria.
House in Kohoku by Torafu
Tokyo-based architects Torafu have designed this family home in Yokohama, Japan. The one story house, on the hilltop suburb of Kohoku, is made of cast concrete.

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