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Superstar: A Mobile Chinatown by MAD
"Welcome the rolling star." Beijing-based architects MAD have designed a conceptual, star-shaped, mobile Chinatown. Moving around the world, the mobile town would produce all it’s own energy and recycle all its own waste, requiring no resources from its host city.
Museum Liaunig by Querkraft
“te. industrial materials like concrete, glass and sheet metal dominate the visible portion of the building.” Austrian architects Querkraft have completed Museum Liaunig near Neuhaus in Carinthia, Austria.
Harmonia 57 by Triptyque
Harmonia 57 by French-Brazilian architects Triptyque is an office building in São Paulo with a planted facade irrigated by a mist system. Plants grow in “pores” set into the concrete facade and will eventually cover the building. The Harmonia 57 concept will be on show at Venice Architectural Biennale from 13 September, as part of the French Pavilion.
«Тринадцать вокзалов, одетых в мрамор…»
Во второй половине 1920-х годов в советской печати постоянно обсуждался вопрос: нужен ли Москве метрополитен? Публиковались многочисленные материалы о метро Нью-Йорка, Лондона, Парижа, Берлина, Гамбурга, Барселоны, Токио. Но тогда объектом внимания (как правило, восторженного) были в основном различные технические новшества и те функциональные преимущества, которые дает метрополитен в крупном городе.
Observatories have existed for thousands of years. These first structures were used for very practical purposes such as observing the enemy in battle or guiding ships along the coast. over time observatories have come to gain new purposes. Today, observation decks allow people to look at nature from unique vantage points or look skywards towards the constellations.
Tiny houses
The size of a home varies around the world; while some families live in one room huts, others have gigantic homes which seem to never end. whatever the case, homes tend to grow with their owner’s prosperity. since 1970, the size of the average new american home has grown by 50 percent.
Осознавая, что МСА получил особый «мандат» на сохранение и поддержание многообразия культур, на содействие внедрению социально-экономической и экологической составляющих устойчивого развития в политические курсы как отдельных стран, так и на международном уровне, Международный союз архитекторов провозглашает следующие принципы и принимает настоящую «Декларацию».
Louis Vuitton flagship store by UNStudio
"Looks like my coffee maker" "The shape of the trees, the medium strip in the model, and the surrounding buildings mean this project is located in Osaka".
Inside the building, water use is controlled by sensor-operated faucets, and mechanical systems are controlled through variable-speed drives, pumps and fans with economizer capabilities and zoned controls.
Sustainable design is integral to the building; 50 percent of water used on-site comes from rain or greywater. Geothermal heat loops rely on the natural heat storage capacity of the earth for heating and cooling.

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