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Бюро "Атриум": "Мы стараемся уходить от стереотипов"
С 29 июня по 3 июля 2008 года в Турине (Италия) пройдет XXIII Всемирный Конгресс Международного союза архитекторов. Одним из участников мультимедийной экспозиции Союза архитекторов России "AIR – Architecture/ Information/ Russia" стало архитектурное бюро "Атриум". О своих планах и новых проектах рассказывают руководители бюро Антон Надточий и Вера Бутко.
Nikolay Shumakov, Chief Architect of the “Metrogiprotrans” Project Institute, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts
…I think, today not so many architects and project teams use the I-net. The start of your project intended to accumulate the architectural information will become yet another stimulus for architects to get closer acquainted with the World Net.
Evgeny Asse, head of the “Asse Architects”, professor and the head of the Workshop for Experimental and Educational Projecting at the Moscow Architectural Institute (MArchI), member of the European Cultural Parliament
…For me, the Internet is a vast volume of information including the information on architecture. In many respects, the World Net has replaced architectural newspapers and magazines, which would not be able to compete with the Internet, because they constitute somewhat different source of information.
Sergey Romanov, head of the studio No. 1 of the MNIIP “Mosproject-4”, professor of MArchI, Ph.D on Architecture, Russia Honored Architect
…Information on architecture is possibly presented in the I-net rather fully but not systematically. It’s often difficult to “reach” the necessary site. There is no accurate structure, which could facilitate the task of searching one or another planner.
Martin Drahovsky, 2nd Vice-President of the International Union of Architects (UIA) – Region II
…There are few web-sites, which can give a full idea on a specific architectural building. Just because of it, I prefer to see the realized projects “alive”. Only in that manner it is possible to discern all the nuances of the building. Well, there is a lot to be improved in this field, but the very idea of creating a portal – that’s a step forwards.
Georgi Stoilov, President of the International Academy of Architecture, member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Honourable professor of the New-York and Buenos-Aires Universities
… I often come to Russia. And I can tell that each time I see positive architectural changes in your country. The same could be told about the presence of the Russian architecture in the Net. The moving forwards is necessary; it’s dictated by the time itself.
Jerzy Grochulski, President of the Association of the Polish Architects
…Today, anyone may “wander” in the World Net along architectural web-sites. However, a professional user will find rather meager information about the Russian architecture. In this field certain gaps do exist. That’s why, I vote for this project. I consider that any contacts between creative people – that’s a necessary thing.
Creative unions, governmental authorities, scientific and educational institutions
Links to resources of architectural creative unions, state authorities, architectural and city-planning scientific establishments, institutes of higher education and student organizations.
Design institutes, architectural bureaus and studios
Sites of the most important design institutes, private bureaus and studios, specialized in planning, design, modeling and visualization.
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